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Teaching Credential

If you’re interested in obtaining a teaching credential at UC Davis, please visit the UC Davis School of Education,

UC Davis Credential Program Prerequisites:

Students interested in obtaining a teaching credential at UC Davis after completing their undergraduate degree should plan to take the prerequisites necessary for the credential program. Below are some of the courses that should be taken in addition to their major. Students should consult an advisor at their first opportunity in order to combine the prerequisites with General Education requirements.

Please visit http://education.ucdavis.edu/prerequisites for more information, including exams, GPA, recommended prerequisites, and additional requirements.

  • Classroom Experience. At least 30 hours spent in a classroom(s) at the grade range and, for middle and high school interest, in the subject area, that you intend to teach. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking a CalTeach/MAST course.
  • US Constitution Requirement. Political Science 1 or History 17A or by examination or AP credit.
  • Educational Psychology Course. Education 110 or Psychology 140 or Human Development 100A and 100B.
  • Fundamental Mathematics Course (for multiple subject applicants only). Complete one of the following: Mathematics 12, 16A, 17A, 36, or 71A/B or by AP credit.